University of Oregon

UO Blogs: Add a Qualtrics Survey


Qualtrics is an easy-to-use survey software that can be implemented into your UO Blogs blog's posts or pages.

Follow these instructions for embedding a Qualtrics Survey into your blog:

  1. Create your Qualtrics survey at
  2. After you have launched your survey, you will be presented with an anonymous survey link. Take note of that link.
  3. Create the UO Blogs post or page where you would like the Qualtrics survey to exist
  4. When you are ready to insert the survey link, click on the Text tab of the visual editor
  5. Copy and paste this code into your page or post:

    <iframe name="qualtrics" src="QUALTRICS SURVEY LINK HERE" scrolling="auto" align="center" width="800" height="800"></iframe>

  6. You may have to adjust the width and height for the survey to fit properly on your page or post.
  7. For pages with Qualtrics surveys, under Page Attributes, you may have to adjust the template to be Full-Width. This will remove the sidebars that may interfere with your survey.
  8. Click Publish to save and publish your post or page.
  9. View your post or page to make sure everything looks as you want it.

For more information about embedding media into your blog, see Enhancing Your Posts by Embedding Media.

For additional assistance, please contact the Tech Desk.