University of Oregon

Are Internet Anti-piracy Laws Efficient?

A Computer and Information Science Colloquium
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This event is only open to the UO Community
Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm
220 Deschutes Hall

This presentation and paper explores to what extent antipiracy laws in different countries have affected the level of activity among publisher and consumers of copyrighted content. We conduct measurement on the Pirate Bay portal at different points of time over a 2-3 year period (including before and after closure of Megaupload) to quantify the level of activity among publishers and consumers. We identify the trends in the level of activity among content publishers and consumers across different countries over time. We then investigate how these trends correlate with the level of attention/interest of the public to antipiracy laws in each country where this interest is assessed by google trends for the local antipiracy law in each country. We also factor in the growing popularity of legal content publishing services (e.g. Netflix) in the above analysis.

About the presenter, Dr. Rubén Cuevas

Dr. Rubén Cuevas is assistant professor at Telematics Department. He obtained his PhD in Telematics Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) in 2010. His PhD Thesis was awarded with TELEFONICA Foundation Prize to the best Spanish PhD Thesis in Communication Networks and Services in 2010. Dr. Cuevas research is focused on the area of content distribution, internet measurements and online social networks. He has participated in several national and European research projects in these areas (CONTENT or MEDIANET). Dr. Cuevas is author of several papers in prestigious international journals and conferences such as IEEE Network, IEEE Comm. Mag., ACM CoNEXT, IEEE Infocom or IEEE P2P. Furthermore, Dr. Cuevas papers in content distribution have received more than 150 references in media.Dr. Rubén Cuevas