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Moonshadow Mobile

High Speed Visualization of Big Data
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This event is only open to the UO Community
Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm
220 Deschutes Hall

Eugene-based Moonshadow Mobile has developed software to visualize Big Data on maps at unparalleled speeds. The software does not require any specialized hardware and runs on standard servers in the cloud. Moonshadow has measured data access speeds of up to 13.6 ns/record, which equates to accessing 73 million individual records per second, per processor core. This high speed data access allows for a new breed of user interfaces for working with Big Data. Instead of having users interact with Big Data by entering SQL queries and returning tables, Moonshadow visualizes big databases on maps instantly. Rather than composing and executing SQL queries users simply select filters. The selected data is instantly shown on the map. Queries with joins are created without the need to know any SQL by merging and subtracting universes, with results shown instantly.

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About the Presenter
Eimar Boesjes, CTO of Moonshadow Mobile, is a serial Internet entrepreneur and visionary who holds ten patents on Internet related technologies. Moonshadow Mobile has develop breakthrough technology to manage massive amounts of voter data visually right inside of Bing Maps. The technology is used in Labels & Lists VoterMapping software as well as in Ground Game, a mobile canvassing solution that works on the iPhone, iPad and on Androids.