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UO Blogs: Known Issues


Known issues for UO Blogs and their resolution.

Q: I haven't seen any place for custom user CSS. Is it not available on this platform?

A: We don't have the Custom User CSS as a plugin, but we do have the Custom CSS plugin, which has similar functions. See Custom CSS Plugin


Q: I tried to use a 3rd party blogging application to update a blog and I was not able to do so. Under Settings --> Writing, I have enabled the Atom publishing and the XML-RPC publishing protocols as well, but it is still not working. Do you know what might be going on and if this will be enabled eventually?

A:  The issue that blocks this editing feature is due to the design of the login system we use. UO Blogs is set up so UO students, faculty, and staff can log in with their Duck IDs. Unfortunately, that feature blocks the ability for other blogging software to log in to a UO Blogs site. Please use the UO Blogs web interface.

The technical answer: UO Blogs is hosted off-site by Campus Press and uses Shibboleth for Duck ID logins. Third party blogging software does not have the ability to log in using Shibboleth through our blog host, so you will need to use the UO Blogs web interface.


Q: One of my blog titles is coming up as '' (see image below)

A: This is because when you created their blog site, you did not give your blog a title. You will need to go to your blog's Dashboard > Settings > General > Insert Site Title


Q: The forms plugin that UO Blogs offers, Formidable, fails to save the name of the poll you create. When I try to change the name of the form, it gives me a "Failed to save value:" message.

A: The poll will appear and works correctly, so the problem is cosmetic.


Q: The comment function doesn't work for the CommentPress theme.This is supposed to open up a dialogue box for reading and writing threaded comments. I've tried it with both Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7 to no avail.

A: Campus Press has always had problems with the CommentPress theme, especially anytime they upgraded. It isn't coded in a way that is compatible with the Campus Press network. They tried to look into if there was anything they could do but it looks like they had no luck.


Q: The import function isnt working when I try and import data from another WP site.

A: Try importing the data and uncheck the import media box. Importing media can fail because it depends on the response time of the server where the blog was hosted before. If you need media imported, send the zipped file to the Help Desk and we will send it to Campus Press to import.


Q: When the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin is active and I have all options selected, the visual editor box stretches behind the right column boxes and I can't see them. See screenshot below:

A: To fix this problem, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to Ultimate TinyMCE plugin settings
  2. Change the ‘Row Selection’ for each button either 2, 3, or 4 (may be limited on how many you can fit into row 2- should put a majority of buttons in rows 3 and 4). The reason for doing this is because in rows 1 and 2, the default visual editor buttons remain (which also may result in some duplicate buttons if you select all TinyMCE buttons).
  3. That should clear up the problem of all the buttons running off the page
  • Also, you may want to consider deactivating the ‘MCE Table Buttons’ plugin if that is activated.


Q: I am using Internet Explorer 9 and my site isn't showing up correctly, but it shows up correctly in all other web browsers. 

A: Follow the instructions below for a work around:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Navigate to your UO Blogs site
  3. Select the Alt key to show the Internet Explorer file menu
  4. Click on Tools
  5. Click on Compatiability View Settings
  6. Uncheck the following check boxes: Include updated website lists from Microsoft, Display intranet sites in Compability View, Display all websites in Compability View
  7. Click Close
  8. May have to click on the compability view button located in the address bar (see screen shot below) for the site to appear correctly.



Q: I have 15 (or more) sites for UO Blogs and not all of them are listed under the My Sites drop down menu.

A: Only 14 sites can be listed in the My Sites drop down menu. This is because listing any more than 14 sites creates a problem with scrolling down the list on smaller monitors. If you have 15 or more sites, to view all of them, click the See All link in the My Sites drop down menu or go to Dashboard > My Sites.