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The Oregon Immersive Education Days - AERA ARVEL SIG


Dear Emerging learning tech friends,

The Call for Presentation Proposals is available for ARVEL's first "extra-AERA" conference, coming up October 18-20, 2012 in Portland, Oregon. I'd like to heartily encourage you to consider presenting your work and connecting with others working in immersive learning at this inaugural event. The Oregon immersive Education Days will host researchers, designers of immersive learning environments, educators, and supporting organizations to present and collaborate on games, virtual worlds, augmented realities, and emergent technologies in learning contexts.

With ARVEL SIG's involvement in this event, we are looking to provide opportunities for members and affiliates to showcase their research and develop a deeper context than what is generally afforded at the AERA Annual Meeting. In successive years we hope to grow this autumn applied "un-conference" for the SIG, building opportunities for those teaching, developing and researching in immersive learning spaces to congregate and build the evidence base, situate the complexities that characterize our discipline, and connect across the requisite types and degrees of expertise necessary for sense-making and digital scholarship.

Naturally, this conference will be smaller (of course) than the AERA Annual Meeting, specifically focused on immersive learning, and will remain committed to eliciting the evidence of "what works" in immersive learning. However, this autumnal meeting will be more hands-on than the springtime conference and the demonstrations of evidence anchored more to direct participation within those parts of the learning experiences that are "immersive".

Please check it out and consider submitting something to present and joining us for this free event in Portland in October!


Jonathon, ARVEL interim chair
Director, Center for Learning in Virtual Environments
University of Oregon
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