University of Oregon

Connecting to eduroam: Android Devices


1. To connect to the eduroam network, start by going to Settings.

NOTE: In most Android systems this can be done by pressing the menu button and then choosing settings from the menu. Settings can also be found in your applications.


2. Choose Wireless & Networks

NOTE: The wording may be slightly different and the interface may look different depending on phone.


3. Choose Wi-Fi settings

NOTE: This may say connect to a network or something similar depending on phone


4. Select the network eduroam from the list of possible networks.


5. Enter your Duckid as the identity (it may be displayed as username instead of identity) Put in your password in the password field. Leave all other fields unchanged.


6. During this process you may have to enter in a separate password for your phone if you use a password securing program. Example:


7. You should now be connected to Eduroam!


If there were any problems during the setup please contact the  Technology Service Desk.