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How to Install McAfee VirusScan: OS X


McAfee VirusScan uses on-access scanning to guard against all types of viruses and malicious code, including new and unknown threats. VirusScan offers unintrusion protection to block viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious code that attempt to infect your systems.

Easy to use and always on guard, VirusScan automatically keeps your protection up to date and lets users work uninterrupted. VirusScan is supported by McAfee Avert® Labs—recognized as the world's top threat research center.

VirusScan can be downloaded from the IT website's McAfee VirusScan page.


Be sure that you DO NOT have any other active antivirus program running on your computer before installing McAfee VirusScan. Running any two virus protection programs will result in the two of them fighting over resources, making the computer slower and potentially making the computer crash while running typical applications.

Installing McAfee VirusScan for Mac OS X

1. From the's McAfee VirusScan page, download VirusScan Enterprise for Mac OS X.

2. A window should open asking how you want to treat the file. Select Open with and be sure the drop down menu is set to the default value DiskImageMounter


3. A window will open up with one file in it named McAfee Security for Mac-Anti-malware....mpkg. Run this file by double clicking on it.


4. You will be asked to verify that you wish to run the installer. Click Continue to proceed.


5. Select Continue to proceed with installation.


6. Select Continue to proceed with installation.


7. Upon reviewing the License agreement, select Continue to proceed with installation.


8. You will now be asked to agree to the terms of the installation which you read in step 7 above. Select Agree to proceed with the installation.


9. You will next be asked to verify the location to which install McAfee. Select Macintosh HD to install McAfee to your main partition. Then click Continue to proceed with the installation.


10. Select Install to begin installing McAfee.


11. You may be askeed to verify that you wish to install the media. Enter your User's password for your computer and click OK.


12. The installation will proceed. This may take a matter of 5 or less minutes, but may take longer depending on the particular computer and processes running in the background.


13. You will now see the verification screen that McAfee VirusScan was installed successfully. Select Close.


14. In order to free up resources on your machine, be sure to eject the virtual drive from the desktop. To do this, Right Click (or Command Click) and scroll down to Eject.