University of Oregon

eduroam: WiFi for travelers and guests


eduroam is now available at the University of Oregon.

eduroam is a secure, worldwide WiFi roaming service that gives students, faculty, and staff WiFi access when visiting participating institutions. You and your customers can log in to the eduroam WiFi network with your Duck ID at more than 6,200 institutions worldwide, and people visiting UO can log in to eduroam WiFi here with their own credentials. No guest accounts are necessary!*

For more about eduroam at UO, see About the eduroam Wireless Network.

Using eduroam will require that you set up your phone, tablet, or laptop; the process is similar to setting up UO Secure. For step-by-step directions, see Connecting to the eduroam Network.

The University of Oregon is the first OUS institution to join eduroam. Currently, the service is available at about 100 institutions in the United States and over 5,500 institutions, mostly in western Europe, eastern Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

Service in the United States should expand considerably: on October 2, 2012, Internet2 announced it would cover the cost of eduroam adoption for its 221 member universities after securing a grant from the National Science Foundation. See for details.

* For guests visiting from eduroam-participating institutions