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Booting in Safe Mode in Windows 8 OS



Safe Mode Windows 8

This will describe how to boot into safe mode with windows 8.

  1. Start the computer and load into windows
  2. Open the live tiles view and type "msconfig" and hit enter
  3. In the System Configuration window click on the Boot tab check the Safe boot box
  4. Now select Networking if needed

NOTE: In order to get out of safe boot follow the same steps but uncheck the Safe boot option

Alternative Boot into Safe Mode Windows 8

When booting into safe mode there is an alternative way to boot from the desktop. The difference is that this is a one time boot into safe mode compared to the above instructions which, when the box is checked, will always boot you into safe mode until you uncheck the box.

  1. From your desktop move the mouse to the right side of the screen which brings up the right side bar. On this bar is the search icon.

  2. Press the Search icon. Make sure you have the "settings" option highlighted.

  3. Type in "advanced" and the option "Advanced startup options" will appear on the left side of the screen. Select this option

  4. Highlight the "General" option. Scroll down until you see "Advanced Startup" Select "Restart now."

  5. The computer will go into the "Choose an option" menu. Choose "Troubleshoot."

  6. In the "Troubleshoot" menu choose "Advanced options".

  7. In the "Advanced options" menu choose "Startup Settings".

  8. In the "Startup Settings" menu click "Restart".

  9. In the menu that appears, you can choose a number (4, 5, or 6) to go into safe mode depending on your needs. 

There are other methods as well but the above instructions apply to a vast majority of cases. If you need further assistance with entering Safe Mode on a windows 8 device please contact the UO Technology Service Desk.