University of Oregon

UO Blogs: Plugins That Will Not Work



The following plugins have been requested by users but could not be integrated into the UO Blogs for the reasons listed below.

Plugin Reasoning
Admin Help Content ( Not used for individual sites. This plugin's use is intended for an entire campus network.
AutoBlog ( Interfered with RSS loading times causing RSS Just Better and the RSS Widget not to function properly. 
bbPress ( Known problems with multi-user installations such as UO Blogs. 
BuddyPress ( Similar to bbPress, this plugin is know to have problems with multi-user installations. 
Content Slider ( Needs users to add additional php code to their theme files. UO Blogs users do not have access to theme files, therefore this plugin is not a good fit.
Contexture Page Security ( Tends to create problems during WordPress version upgrades or anytime a change is made to the UO Blogs system.
DT Author Box ( Interacts with themes too much which does not work well for the UO Blogs system. Current themes, like Campus Press Default 2011 and Yoko, have author boxes that can be used.
Everpress ( Permissions for this plugin do not work with Shibboleth integration. 
Geo Mashup ( The Google Maps plugin, which is already available, has similar functions and capabilities. This plugin would duplicate functions.
Google Language Translator ( Work around of embedding Google Translate into a blank text widget. An overview of how to do this can be found at
Media Tags ( Has issues with file uploader and displaying media correctly. With this plugin, media tags don't always show up in the media library as they are supposed to.
Lightbox Gallery ( Galleries feature is already built into WordPress.
Membership ( Plugin used to reserve premium content or for paying visitors to site. Not supported by UO Blogs service. 
Onswipe ( Very complex plugin and caused display errors with the UO Blogs system.
Postie ( Relies on XML-RPC, which does not work with Shibboleth integration. 
Replace Featured Image with Video ( Did not work as intended. 
ScholarPress Courseware ( This plugin has not been updated in over 2 years, which means it may no longer be supported or maintained. 
Snapshot ( Not needed for UO Blogs service. Campus Press, our host company, does regular backups of all our campus sites. If you would like to keep your own back up, go to Tools > Export. 
Traffic Counter Widget ( The ClustrMaps Widget part of the Widget Pack Plugin has similar features. This plugin would be duplicating functions. 
WP Accessibility ( This plugin conflicts with themes which could cause problems for users. WordPress, in general, has a renewed focus on accessible themes and ensuring they meet requirements. 
WP Block Admin ( Too complex for our system especially with Shibboleth integreation.