University of Oregon

Configuring Exchange for Mac Mail


To set up Mac Mail 6.x to work with UO's Exchange:

  • Open Mail
  • From the menu bar, click on Mail and select Preferences
  • Click the + button to add an account

  • In the Full Name field, enter your name as you would like it to appear to others
  • Enter your UO email address
  • Enter your UO password
  • Click Continue
  • Mac Mail should find a mail server and automatically configure the settings
    • Server settings should be
  • You will have a choice to set up calendars and contacts as well. If you do not want those set up for Mac Mail, uncheck the corresponding boxes.
  • Click Create
  • You can review the information under advanced.

Optional: Set up email address auto-complete

Note: These instructions are for Mac OS X 10.7 users only. OS X 10.8 and higher will use Exchange Web for email address auto-complete.

  1. Open Mac Mail Preferences
  2. Choose the Composing tab
  3. Check "Automatically complete addresses"
  4. Click Configure LDAP...
  5. Click + to add a new server
  6. Name: ad-dc1
  7. Server:
  8. Check "Use SSL". Port should change to 636
  9. Search Base: ou=Units,dc=ad,dc=uoregon,dc=edu
  10. Scope: Subtree
  11. Authentication: Simple
  12. Username: ad\duckid
  13. Password: <the person's duckid password>
  14. Click Save
  15. Click Done

For assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk.