University of Oregon

Multifunction Copiers' Outgoing Email Configuration


Multifunction copiers and other devices that have a scan-to-email function need to be configured to send mail using (our Linux-based mail system), rather than Exchange.
Devices such as multifunction copiers, when connected to UOnet, can send messages to any valid recipient; SMTP authentication is not required.
Please note the following recommendations and limitations for multifunction devices:

  • Mail servers limit message size to 25MB. However, email messages with images, such as those generated by a multifunction copier, are encoded (in base64) before sending. This encoding increases the size of the message by roughly 33 percent and effectively limiting messages to 17MB.
  • We strongly encourage configuring the copier or device with a valid sender email address. It doesn't matter whether you use a new account or an existing one as long as a human checks that email address occasionally for bounced messages.

For devices not attached to UOnet, they need to be configured to use SMTP authentication. To do so, the device must support STARTTLS. For details on configuring such devices, please contact the Information Services Technology Service Desk.