University of Oregon

Create a system image in Windows 8


Creating a system image can be useful if you want to backup an image of the entire computer, including files, settings, and programs. You will need as much space as your system is currently using to do this process.

1) To start, do a search for “backup” and look under settings.  Click the “Restore your files with File History” icon.


2) On default, file history is turned off.  Click “Configure File History settings”


3) At the bottom left of the next window, click “Windows 7 File Recovery”. It is named Windows 7 because it is a legacy backup tool.


4) Click on the left, “Create a system image” to clone the entire computer to another drive.


5) Now you can choose where you want to put the system image. An external hard drive is recommended, and will be used in this document. Click next when you are ready to proceed.


6) You are now ready to start a backup, click the “Start backup” button.


7) Now the image will be created, this process usually takes around an hour, but can vary depending on the computer speed, and how many files are on it.


8) You might get the window shown below, this is optional, for this document we chose “No”. Once it is finished, click close. You now have a system image in the drive you chose to create it in.