University of Oregon

Uploading Files to Your Web Space


Are you looking to set up a web page or two? You can use your Duck ID to upload files to your personal web space.

Quick Settings

To make a file available on the web, use an SFTP program (like the ones listed below) to connect to Put your files in the public_html folder.

To view your web pages, you will want to visit "<your Duck ID>/<filename>".

For example, if your Duck ID is "jersmith" and you upload a file called cv.html, use the web address ""

Note that file names are case sensitive. A file called "CV.html" is seen as different than "cv.html".

Using an SFTP client

Here are step-by-step instructions for moving your files online: 


  How to transfer files using Fetch for Mac OS X

   How to transfer files using for Windows


   How to configure Dreamweaver to connect to a UOregon account


   How to configure GoLive to connect to a UOregon account



How to upload files using Cyberduck