University of Oregon

How To Transfer Files Using SFTP



This page explains how to transfer files to and from your UO account using SFTP for Windows. These directions are written for's Secure File Transfer version 3.2.9.

  1. Start the Secure File Transfer Client by double-clicking on the icon or selecting it from the Start menu. (If the software is installed you will find it under Programs/Network Applications/SFTP).
  2. Click the QuickConnect button: 

     3. In the Host Name box enter For User Name enter your Duck ID username.

    4. Click Connect

The program will display its main window (below). The files and folders on the left side are items on your computer's hard drive. The files and folders on the right are items in your account.

To transfer files, drag them from one list to another.

You can also drag files from your computer into the window's list on the right to upload.

If you have additional questions or encounter problems, please contact the Information Services Technology Service Desk