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UO Blogs: MCE Table Buttons Plugin


The MCE Table Buttons plugin allows you to create an extra button to your visual editor to insert and edit tables.  This plugin is simple to enable and use.

  1. First, activate the plugin from the list of installed plugins.
  2. Next, you are ready to create you post with a table.
  3. To view the table tool bar, you are going to need to click on the Kitchen Sink button. It is in the first row on the far right. The Kitchen Sink button looks something like this:

   4. After clicking the Kitchen Sink button, you will see a new line of tool options. The bottom row will have options for table editing.

   5. When you click on the “Insert Table” button, a menu will pop up that allows you to select the number of rows and columns for your table. It looks like this:














    6. When you have selected the specifics for your table, you can click Insert and there will be a formatted table in your blog post.

The remaining icons on the tool bar allow for the table to be edited based on rows or columns.