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UO Blogs: Ultimate Tiny MCE


The Ultimate TinyMCE plugin allows you to edit and change the visual editor options when creating/ editing a post or a page. This plugin allows you to add more advanced options to your visual editor like foreground color, subscript text, citations, and more!

After activation, you can customize your TinyMCE visual editor options by going to Settings > Ultimate TinyMCE. 

It is best to go with the default suggestions provided by the plugin to make the new tool bar. They recommend setting Button Group 1 options to be in Row 3 and Button Group 2 options to be in Row 4.

Be aware that you can add too many options to a row causing some options to be pushed off your visual editor and unable to use. If you exceed 30 options, the plugin will not display or allow you to post in the "Visual" text box.
See UO Blogs: Known Issues for more information. 

A customized toolbar looks something like this in your visual editor: