University of Oregon

UO Blogs: Wiki Plugin


The Wiki plugin allows you to add a wiki to your blog.

After activation, this plugin creates a menu option that allows you to add wikis to your blog, add wiki categories, tags, and edit your wiki settings. 

Creating a Wiki:

To create your wiki, hover over Wikis on the left sidebar and click on Add Wiki. Next, you will give your wiki a title and you can add content if you would like.

When you are creating your wiki, you can also select editing privileges:

When you are finished, make sure you click Publish.

After you have created a wiki, you can need to add a wiki menu item to your site so people can easily find it by going to Appearance > Menus

Veryify "Wikis" is listed on the Menu page:

  1. Click Screen Options at the top right of the page
  2. Check the box next to Wikis (unless it is already checked)

You could also add your wiki to a sidebar of your site as a Widget. Go to Appearance > Widgets > add the Wiki widget to your desired area. 

Please contact the Technology Service Desk if you have any questions or problems with your Wiki.