University of Oregon

How to Configure GoLive


This page explains how to configure Adobe GoLive to connect to a University of Oregon account.

GoLive CS2 or newer is required, as earlier versions do not support SFTP.

  1. To start, click Site then Create Site.
  2. Click the Specify Server Now button
  3. In the Nickname box enter UOregon or the site label of your choice
  4.  From the Protocol menu select FTP
  5. In the Server box enter
  6. In the Directory box enter public_html/
  7. In the Username box enter the username of the account you are using
  8. In the Password box enter that account's password

     9. Next, click the Advanced... button. In the window that appears (see below), click the SFTP button.


For additional assistance please contact the Technology Service Desk.