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UO Blogs: RSS Just Better Plugin

RSS Just Better allows you to add RSS feeds to your pages or posts. There is also a handy widget you can use for your site.

To use RSS Just Better:

  1. Create a new post or page
  2. In the editor field, click on the HTML tab
  3. Enter [RSSjb feed="ENTER WEBSITE FEED HERE"
    •  For example, [RSSjb feed=""]
  4. You can add the following to customize how the feed displays:

* num: number of items to be displayed (default: 3);
* pubdate: either true or false to display the publication date/not;
* pubtime: either true or false to display the publication time/not;
* excerpt: either true or false to display the excerpt/not;
* charex: limit the number of the ecerpt chars to be displayed;
* list: either “UL” or “OL” to get unordered or ordered lists;
* target: either “_blank” or “_self” to get links opened in new/the same windows;
* pubauthor: true/false whether you allow this plugin’s author footer to be displayed or not;

Example: [RSSjb feed="" num="8" list="OL" target="_self"]

The tag feed for the chosen tag will be displayed on your site.

(Using RSS Widget below)


(Using RSS Just Better Plugin below)