University of Oregon

UO's InCommon membership eases access


University of Oregon faculty and research staff can now use their Duck IDs and passwords to log in to and to access research-related services at a variety of partner institutions across the U.S.


This convenient access is a benefit of the university's new partnership with the InCommon Federation's Research and Scholarship services. In the same way that you can use a single username and password — specifically, your Duck ID — to access a variety of secure services at the UO, federated log-in allows you to access and a collection of other services, tools, and information at other institutions without having to track yet another username and password.


Instructions for logging in to using your Duck ID are available at


In addition to access, InCommon's Research and Scholarship category offers tools such as FileSender, where you can temporarily store and share files up to 1TB in size, sidestepping email system restrictions that prevent the sending of large attachments. Log in to FileSender at Learn more at


For a complete list of services available to InCommon participants, see the Service Provider list at


The University of Oregon was one of the first 100 institutions to join InCommon's Research and Scholarship category. UO also partners with InCommon for security certificates.


UO's participation in InCommon is provided by Information Services in support of the university's research mission.