University of Oregon

Logging in to with your Duck ID


This document provides directions for logging in to the website using your Duck ID and password.

For this process, you will need all of the following:

  • UO faculty or staff status
  • A Duck ID
  • An existing NSF ID
  • Access to a web browser

Note: The steps below were accurate and correct as of 7 Nov 2014.


1. Go to the home page.

2. Click "NSF User" in the left-hand sidebar.


3. On the next page that loads, under "Organization Credentials," select "University of Oregon" from the dropdown menu and click "Log In."


4. You will be taken to a UO page where you can enter your Duck ID and password.


5. You will then be returned to, where you can follow the directions to associate your login account with your existing NSF ID.


From that point on, you should be able to log in to using your Duck ID.