University of Oregon

Change Schedule for Winter Break 2014


During winter break, Information Services will be performing a wide variety of maintenance and upgrades. Below is a list of the key changes and any actions that users need to take.

NOTE: only key tasks are listed

Friday, December 19

  • 6am: UO Secure certificate upgrade—users will need to re-enter their DuckID and password
  • 7pm:
    • Appworx: clear Java cache after upgrade is completed at 9pm
    • Duckweb certificate upgrade
    • certificate upgrade
    • certificate upgrade

Monday, December 22

  • 5am: (Bomgar) certificate upgrade
  • 7am: UO Blogs WordPress upgrade
  • 12 noon:
    • DuckID new person sync upgrade
    • LDAP and LDAP proxy certificate upgrade
  • 5pm: Jabber certificate upgrade

Tuesday, December 23

  • 5am:
    • Email: IMAP and POP upgrade—no anticipated service outage
    • Banner: clear Java cache after work between 5am and 7am
    • Email: Exchange certificate upgrade
  • 1:30pm: certificate upgrade

Monday, December 30

  • 4:00am to 7:00am: Webmail upgrade—service will be unavailable; otherwise, no user-facing changes will occur
  • 5am to 7am: Blackboard will be unavailable during database upgrade.

This information has been brought to you in part by Information Services' Change Management process.