University of Oregon

New Chief Information Security Officer featured in AroundtheO


AroundtheO, the University of Oregon's online news site aimed at faculty, staff, and graduate teaching fellows, features a February 5, 2015, story about Will Laney, the UO's first-ever Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

As CISO, Laney is responsible for overseeing and coordinating programs to protect the university's information and reputational assets and for communicating security-related best practices to students, faculty, and staff.

In AroundtheO, Laney invites members of the campus community to contact him with any questions or concerns.
"Everyone on campus is my client, so if they have any questions at all about policy or security, I want them to reach out," Laney says. "Awareness is the most important part."
Laney also describes his approach to ensuring information security at a university. "Most public higher education institutions are decentralized, so while I have the responsibility to secure information across the board, I don’t necessarily want to go into the Department of Mathematics or the School of Journalism and Communications and force solutions on them," Laney says. "What I can do is create policy and create a culture that understands security and make sure the correct tools are in place."

Laney started as CISO in November 2014.

Full story: New information security officer aims to improve data protection by Nathaniel Brown, AroundtheO, February 5, 2015.