University of Oregon

Sharing files and folders in OneDrive for Windows


These instructions are for Windows users who have the OneDrive for Business sync client installed on a laptop or desktop computer. The Windows sync client comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite download package through Office 365, which is available free to UO students, faculty, and staff at See How to install Microsoft Office applications via Office 365.

For instructions on sharing files using OneDrive in your web browser, see Sharing files and folders in OneDrive online.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. ​Open the OneDrive folder. (By default it will be located under Favorites.)
  3. Find and select the file or folder you wish to share.
  4. Right-click on that file or folder. From the menu that appears, select Share a OneDrive link or More OneDrive sharing options and follow the prompts. (Do not select "Share with.")