University of Oregon

Software2 presents Application Jukebox application virtualization software

Who Should Come: 
This event is only open to the UO Community
Thursday, December 10, 2015 - 9:30am - 10:30am
132 Lillis (UPDATED 12/8/15)
Software2 will give a presentation about their Application Jukebox application virtualization software.
This "enterprise application store" software provides a software delivery platform for deploying applications on-demand 24/7. It assists with packaging, license management, and delivery/installation, and can be used to deliver Windows software to both student-owned and university-owned machines.
Key features:
  • Deploy any Windows application to any device on and off campus, at any time
  • Improve the student experience with better and quicker access to much-needed resources
  • Reduce the reliance on dedicated lab environments
Quick and easy application packaging:
  • Virtualize 100% applications including: ArcGIS®, MATLAB®, SPSS®, NVivo®, Adobe®, SAP®, and any other difficult-to-virtualize applications
  • Configurable virtualization — integrate or isolate as much of the application as you want, depending on your exact requirements, down to a file and registry key level
  • Directly control delivery of files/registry keys/services & drivers in a simple GUI
  • Easily deliver isolated application dependencies and avoid conflicts with existing installations
  • Super fast packaging of multiple applications and their dependencies together in a single appset
  • Capture application settings into finished package in next to no time
Improve efficiency:
  • Application content delivered to end-machines on-demand, reducing network load
  • Small server footprint compared to competitive technologies (serve 20,000 users with 10 servers)
  • Simple packaging process — save 70% on your application packaging time
  • Extensive, active user community — sharing packages, recipes, knowledge
Straightforward management:
  • Guaranteed license control – manage who can use apps, when and where
  • Enforce licensing restrictions such as concurrency and geographical location
  • Report on license usage to management
For more information about Application Jukebox, visit the Software2 website:
If you have any questions about this event, please contact Chris Wiesemann, System Administrator, Lundquist College of Business.