University of Oregon

Configuring UO Secure Wireless on Android


This page explains how to set up your Android device to use the UO Secure wireless network. (Tested on Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 and 4.2.1)

UO Secure is a secured network using WPA2 encryption that allows users to authenticate once and bypass future authentications.

Connecting to UO Secure Manually

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Press Wi-Fi or Wireless & networks
  3. Make sure Wi-Fi is on.
  4. Tap on the UO Secure network to connect.
  5. The network details window should now appear.  Scroll down to Identity and type in your Duck ID user name.
  6. Under Password type in your Duck ID password.
  7. Press connect.

You are now able to browse the internet on UO Secure.

Connecting to UO Secure with XpressConnect

XpressConnect is an app that can configure wireless networks when the manual setup has failed. You will need an internet connection to download the XpressConnect app. For that purpose, you can connect to uowireless, download the app, then use the app to connect to UO Secure.

  1. Download XpressConnect from your app store.
  2. Launch XpressConnect.  It will load for a minute before wireless options show up
  3. Choose UO Secure from the list
  4. Choose "Enter New Username & Password"
  5. Enter the Duckid and Password
  6. Select Continue
  7. XpressConnect will connect to the network
  8. Once connected, click done

If you need help with this process please contact the Technology Service Desk.