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Job Scheduling Quick Start Guide



Welcome to the Applications Manager getting started page. This page will help you get started using Applications Manager, our Banner job submission replacement application. Applications Manager will run banner jobs instead of using the dated GUAPCTL screen within Banner. The Enterprise Administrative Applications group within Information Services has migrated all Banner GUAPCTL jobs to Applications Manager. All in house jobs have also been migrated.

Acceptable Use

As with any application that is used by anyone on campus, certain policies are enforced for anyone using any of the University of Oregon's computing resources. Please refer to the UO Acceptable Use Policy.

Where Do I Get Applications Manager?

Unlike some applications that require you to install software on your machine, Applications Manager is run directly from a browser. Click on either link below to run Applications Manager.

Applications Manager PROD Instance

* Applications Manager Production

Applications Manager TEST Instance

* Applications Manager TEST

Start Using Applications Manager

After you've selected one of the Applications Manager urls, the first time you will see the JAVA client download screen.

Log in to Applications Manager using your Banner UserID. Your initial password is "Bogus". After your initial login, you will be required to change your Applications Manager password.

Creating a Desktop Shortcut

You can easily create a desktop shortcut for Applications Manager. Follow these steps to do so.

1. Open the Control Panel and double click the JAVA icon.

2. This brings up the Java Control Panel. Select the Advanced Tab,


3. Expand the "Shortcut Creation" item and select "Prompt User"

4. Click "OK" and close the Control Panel.
5. Start Applications Manager using the URL above.
6. Applications Manager will ask if you would like a shortcut created. Select yes.