University of Oregon

Sharing Files Between Macs


The instructions below explain how to copy files between two Macintosh computers. It assumes both computers are on the same network.

  1. Connect your Mac computers using a single Ethernet cable by placing the cable ends into ports on the two computers. For assistance, see Connecting Two Macs via Ethernet.
  2. On both computers, go to System Preferences in the Apple menu and click the Sharing pane.
  3. The lock icon in the bottom left hand corner should be unlocked, if necessary click the icon to unlock it. Check File Sharing on both computers.
  4. On the computer you wish to transfer from, go to the Finder, click the Go menu at the top of the screen. Select Connect to Server.
  5. In the window that pops up click Browse.
  6. You should then see the name of the computer that you are connected to, double click on the name. 
  7. If necessary enter the account name and password of the computer you are connecting to.
  8. To transfer your file, simply drag and drop the file into the desired folder on the other Mac.

Note: It's best to drop the files into the Public folder. To access the folder on the other Mac go to Finder and select the Home in the Places directory. Open the Public folder.