University of Oregon

Connecting to UO Secure in Windows 7 & Vista


UO Secure is a secured network (WPA2). The primary benefits are increased security and automatic logins on this wireless network.

1. In either Firefox or Internet Explorer go to and follow the directions.
(Once configured, you can use any browser, but under Windows, the initial login process is currently only supported in these two browsers.)

2. Agree to the license agreement (EULA) and click Start.

3. The next page will have you download the XpressConnect utility. Click the NetworkWizardLoader.exe link and click Save File to download.

4. Once the download has finished, double click the NetworkWizardLoader.exe from the downloads window. Click Run.

5. Enter your Duck ID and password and click Continue. XpressConnect will then run through a series of automated processes.

6. Click Done after the last step and you will be logged in to the UO Secure wireless network.


If you have any questions please contact the Technology Service Desk.