University of Oregon

Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac OS X


A helpful list of keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X: 

  • Copy: command+c
  • Paste: command+v
  • Cut: command+x
  • Undo: command+z Available only in some applications.
  • Save: command+s
  • Save As: command+shift+s
  • Close Window: command+w
  • New Window: command+n
  • Quit Application: command+q
  • Spotlight Search: command+space
  • Call Up Running Applications: command+tab Use the tab key to cycle through the applications. 
  • Screen Shot (entire screen): command+shift+3
  • Screen Shot (selected area): command +shift+4 Take a picture by dragging the photo icon over the are you want to capture.
  • Highlight URL: command+l 
  • Open New Tab: command+t
  • Move To Trash: command+delete
  • Quick Look: space bar When you have a file highlighted in the finder, pressing the space bar will bring up a Quick Look feature allowing you to see file info without opening an application.