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Document Imaging Tips


If you have any recipients of Singularity expiring links that are experiencing seeming "link failures" in IE please take a look at the following. Chris LeBlanc was able to track down the security issue in IE.

From Chris:

First, the problem is that the authentication settings in IE defaults to not auto-logging in, nor providing a prompt for username and password.

A way to work around this is to go to Tools->Internet Options->Security
(tab) .

From there, select the zone that the failed page is in (the status bar at the bottom of IE should say).

Click on Custom Level... and scroll down to User Authentication->Logon and set it to "Prompt for user name and password."

Users receiving the expiring link email should be OK if they try to open it in Firefox or Safari.

  • Speed Up Image Loading in Singularity

Here are the instructions on how to speed up image loading.

  1. Uninstall all versions of Java Installed on the machine from Add/Remove Programs
  2. Install Java 1.6 update 14
  3. Delete the Sun Java folder from:   C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Sun
  4. If the user also uses AppWorx, connect to the AppWorx site, and click on the AppWorx Production link   a) this begins the installation of Java 1.4.2_19, which AppWorx uses to run   b) after installation, you will need to retry launching AppWorx
  5. The first time the user launches Banner or clicks on View Image in Imaging, they will be prompted by the security screen to approve that program