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Check Banner Password in Job Scheduler


How to Verify that your Oracle Password is Correct in Automic Job Scheduler

Recently, we changed the way the Oracle logins within Automic Job Scheduler connect to the database. As a result of the change, many of you have noticed that the “Check” button on the Logins window is no longer selectable. Every time you change your Oracle password within banner, you are no longer able to check if your connection is successful.  The only way for you to know if you’ve typed in your Oracle password correctly is to request an Automic Job Scheduler job and hope for the best.  Here are pictures of the old and new way you set your Oracle password within Automic Job Scheduler.

Old Way:

                                         Old Way

New Way:


To address this problem, we have created a new job in Automic Job Scheduler called Check_Banner_Connection. This job is available to all those who connect to banner.  It is a quick way to verify that you’ve typed in your Oracle password correctly and made a successful connection to the database without running a banner job.

Within Automic Job Scheduler, request the Check_Banner_Connection job. There are no prompts. Submit the job.

An aborted job indicates that your password is incorrect and you need to reset it within the Logins window (above).

You can check the log file to see the message:

On the other hand, a successful connection will drop the Check_Banner_Connection job down into the History pane with a FINISHED status.

You are now ready to request other jobs knowing that your connection to banner has been verified.