University of Oregon

Student DWHS Objects and Bi/Query Model


Objects in the Student DWHS Bi/Query Model

  • Address
  • All Students
  • Applicant
  • Check List
  • Contact
  • Current Recruit
  • Degree
  • Document Routing
  • High School Subject
  • Holds
  • Housing
  • Meeting Times
  • Person
  • Predictor Tags
  • Recruit Person
  • Registration
  • Schedule
  • Sport Code
  • Summary
  • Term Summary
  • Test Scores
  • Transcript
  • Veterans
  • Withdrawals


Data Model

The student data model is a graphical representation of the student data warehouse. You'll use this model to construct the queries and produce the reports. The model contains 5 windows. They are:

  • Intro Screen
  • All Terms Students Model
  • Admission Applicants Model
  • Current Recruits Model
  • Validation Tables

Intro Screen

This window displays the access policy for using the data warehouse

  ALL Terms

This window combines Current Students, Past Students, and Future Students.

Admission Applicants Model

This window contains the objects for student who have applied for the admission at the U of O in a populated term/semester. 

Current Recruits Model

This window contains the objects for people who have the recruit records at U of O. 

  Validation Tables

This windows contains the validation code tables used in the data warehouse.