University of Oregon

Site License Request Calendar

Timeframe Step

End of Summer and First Week of Fall

1. Advisory Group publicizes online software application process

The Advisory Group invites all faculty to submit requests for instructional software, publicizing the process via letters, the CIO newsletter, Marketing & Communication’s campus update emails, and this site license website.

December 31 of each year

2. Faculty submit online application and Departmental approval.

Faculty members (including Chairs and Directors) may submit unlimited online applications to request instructional software to be purchased. Each software product requested requires a separate application; all applications are made from the Application Form webpage.  All applications must have the approval of the Department prior to submittal.

February 21 of each year

3. Deans approve and rank applications

Deans rank and submit all requests in their college or school. No new applications may be submitted at this time.

April 1 of each year

4. Advisory group reviews applications for CIO

The Advisory Group reviews the applications and submits a final ranking to the CIO.

Mid- to End of April

5. Office of the CIO announces acceptances

The Office of the CIO informs the Deans of their applications approved for funding.


6.  Department Budgets Due in May. 

Software decisions need to be made prior to May since the annual budgets are due then.  (Included here as a reminder of the timeline.)

Fall (ongoing)

7.  Software is made available to faculty 

Because the application process occurs only once per year, faculty are encouraged to foresee their need for the requested software well in advance of the time they need to use it.  Pricing, licensing, and installation affect the date that software becomes available for use.