University of Oregon

Teaching Through an Educational Novel

Thursday, November 11, 2010 - 3:00pm - 4:30pm
EMU Collaboration Center, 22 Erb Memorial Union

Anne Maggs, Associate Professor at Northwest Christian University, wrote an educational novel as the primary text for a new, online class. The web-based assignments were developed using data drawn from a survey given in Professor Dave Dusseau’s introductory business class which uses a game simulation. The assumption was that the simulation created a “micro-environment” which would be similar to the use of a novel as the primary text.

The new, online class was based on four innovative features:

  1. the novel
  2. the use of hypertext design features to direct attention
  3. interactive assignments using a workbook
  4. a student-authored final chapter

The presentation explains the student-centered pedagogy used to develop the class which is based on the “Cutting Edge” course design tutorial and the USDOE’s (2009) meta- analysis of online learning. Maggs and Bergquist will discuss the results of pre- and post-testing, student evaluations, and issues of transferability.