University of Oregon

Voice Conferencing


Voice conferencing at the UO

Telephones on the UO phone system have the ability to host small audio conferences.  The number of callers that can be accommodated depends on the type of phone service to your desk phone as follows:

1) Analog phones can handle up to two additional endpoints in a conference call (for a total of three endpoints).







2) Digital or IP sets can handle up to five additional endpoints in a conference call (for a total of 6 endpoints).


Larger conferences accommodating up to 50 endpoints are possible through reservation of  an AT&T conference line.  Your department phone coordinator can schedule a reservation.   These lines provide a North America toll-free call-in number for your conferencees.  Your department pays a $15 setup fee per conference, plus $0.08/minute per call dialed into the conference. 

Conference phones:

Departments occasionally require temporary use of high quality conference phones, such as the Polycom soundstation:

These phones are available as an inexpensive rental from our office, and will work on existing analog dialtone.  As another option, the Media Center in the Knight Library also has similar phones available.  Departments who wish to permanenly acquire a conference phone can buy analog, digital, or IP versions of these phones, with or without satellite microphones, through our office.  Inquire for current pricing on these units.

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