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Adding a Page: Content Types

When adding a new page, consider the content type. Content types are an important part of the content organization on the IT site. Furthermore, they help mold your content so that it can be integrated into the site quickly and effectively, and in some cases prevent other users outside your group from editing content. This section provides details on how to best use the content types offered.

Below is a list of the content types widely offered:

Content Types
Contact Information This node stores contact information on individuals so that it can be used in multiple places throughout the site. Contact information is assigned to either a particular service or a department. This is done by editing the contact; see Contact Information for a more detailed explanation.
Event Used for adding an event. Events are added to the IT calendar as well as the "News & Events" Section.
IT Connections This is the IT Connections content type.
Navigation Menu If you want to add a navigation menu to your content, or a list of related links, you can created a Nav Menu and then attach it to the pages you wish. See Using Nav Menus (Related Links) for more information.
News News is distinguishable from an event because it doesn't take place in a given location or at a particular time. Use this for adding any IT related news to the site.
Popular Topic Popular Topics are essentially FAQ questions. If you want to add the solution to a recurring question or issue, add a popular topic.
Webform Create a new form or questionnaire accessible to users. Submission results and statistics are recorded and accessible to privileged users.
Web Page This content type is available for general use. If your content doesn't fall under a more specific content type, use this one. A "web page" can be edited by anyone with access to edit pages on this site.

In addition to these content types, you may have content types available that are specific to your department. If this is the case, create content in your department's content type. If you are worried about the security of your content, placing content under your department restricts access to editing to only people within your department.

If you need a content type to suit a specific need that can't be accomplished with the existing content types, contact IT Help.