University of Oregon

Using Nav Menus (Related Links)

Creating a Nav Menu

  1. To create a nav menu, use the Nav Menu link in the content contributor's menu and then use the "Add new navigation menu" link.
  2. Remember the title of your nav menu, you will need it to associate your menu with your content.
  3. The items that will show up in the Nav Menu are called Related Links. To add a link, add the title of the page you want to link to.
  4. Save the menu, you will now be able to add it to any of your content you wish.

Associating a Nav Menu to Your Content

In order to display a nav menu on a page, you have to associate it when editing the page. If the option is available for your page, there will be a field called “Attach Navigation Menu”. Enter the name of the menu you wish to add in this field.

Save the page after you have entered the menu name and are done editing the page and the menu should be displayed alongside your content.