University of Oregon

Find Your Phone Coordinator


UO faculty, staff, and graduate students should work through your department's phone coordinator in order to submit any request for UO phone service. Requests can include services such as:

  • adding new phone service
  • deleting existing service
  • billing questions
  • moving phone service
  • questions about UO voicemail
  • purchase of telephone accessories such as headsets
  • reserving tollfree conference lines
  • and other similar requests

Many telecom services incur costs to your department; your phone coordinator knows what services are available at your location and can help you make decisions about what will best fit your requirements.

If you don't know who your department phone coordinator is, please contact us and we'll put you in touch.

Residence hall students:

To subscribe to UO residence hall dialtone services for your room, please fill out and submit the Residence Hall Telephone Request Form. Please note that this service has a monthly cost, which is charged to your UO student account.