University of Oregon

RT: a campus-wide help ticket system


Request Tracker, usually referred to as RT, is a campus-wide help ticket system that is used by many technology support groups on campus to track requests for help.

How do I create a ticket?

Most groups that use RT will give you an e-mail address to which you send your request. When RT receives your e-mail message, it creates a help ticket in the appropriate subject area (known as a queue), based on the e-mail address to which you sent your message.

For example, if you have a question for the Technology Service Desk, send your question to

You will receive a confirmation message that includes your ticket number.

How do I view my tickets?

Open a web browser and go to Log in with your Duck ID and password. The next page will display all of your open tickets.

How do I respond or comment on a ticket?

To respond to a comment or ticket, simply reply to the e-mail message you received on the topic.

How do I request an RT queue?

Please fill out the How do I request an RT Queue form.

Additional Help

If you have more questions or need additional help with RT, contact the Technology Service Desk.