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Welcome to the University of Oregon Student Data Warehouse page. This page contains links to other pages about the warehouse and an introduction to the intent and structure of the warehouse. Whether you are an experienced warehouse user with a technical question, a prospective user, or are just curious, you'll find relevant information here.


The philosophy of the Student Data Warehouse is to provide the University of Oregon community with an accessible means of composing ad-hoc queries against production student data. Goals also include reducing the load on the production database and giving users access to analytic data not included in the production system.

This is accomplished by creating a new database separate from the University's production database which draws from and in some cases pre-processes production data. The Student Data Warehouse contains a subset of the student information which is stored in the University's BANNER Student Information System. The thousands of BANNER tables have been condensed into a small set of objects, or groups of attributes.

The objects are logical groupings of Banner data from many tables. The objects cover broad categories of student data: personal information, degree information, academic history, enrollment, registration, etc.

These objects provide a useful view into the U of O student data. Users can more easily examine the data, and craft their own ad-hoc queries. The warehouse is not a production database. It is a query-only database for users. The data is refreshed nightly and remains static during the day. This gives users consistency while constructing analytic queries.

A graphical query tool, Bi/Query is distributed as part of the Data Warehouse. Bi/Query enables users to perform sophisticated queries on the Warehouse, and format the results as reports, crosstab reports, mailing labels, or ASCII text to be exported to other applications. Users do not have to understand a complex table structure or Structured Query Language (SQL) to be able to use the warehouse.


These are the people to contact regarding the Student Data Warehouse. Due to the volume of communications we receive, please send e-mail with your questions and ideas; call only if you require immediate help.

Questions about:

  • Becoming a Student Data Warehouse User?
  • Installing the Data Warehouse software and data model?
  • Creating PostalSoft Files?
  • Suggestions for additions or changes to the warehouse?

      Contact Jim Blick at or 541-346-3246

Questions about:

  • SISDWHS, the Student Data Warehouse mailing list?
  • The Student Data Warehouse web pages?

      Contact Randall Klein at or 541-346-1770.


Warehouse Status

The University of Oregon Student Data Warehouse has been in production since February, 1996. 

The Student Data Warehouse incorporates data from multiple terms of academic activity at the University. For a list of terms available in the warehouse, query the Terms Available object in the All Terms data model. 

Refresh Schedule

Unlike the production Banner system, the Data Warehouse remains static until it is refreshed, or updated, with new data. The general policy is that the Warehouse will not change at all during workday hours. This provides users with a reliable snapshot of student data which they may use all day with no changes, so that counts, lists, etc. do not constantly change.

Currently, the Student Data Warehouse is refreshed every day at 12:01 am. The refresh is done by 3:00 a.m.  Each day the Student Data Warehouse reflects the previous day's transactions entered in the Banner system. 

12:01 am
12:01 am
12:01 am
12:01 am
12:01 am
12:00 am

Term Rollover Schedule

The Student Data Warehouse also has a current term/semester defined for simplification of the querying process. The current term/semester is the term/semester that is currently in progress. The current term/semester usually changes on Friday, just before the start of a new term, except for the Fall term/semester which may be changed earlier, to help users prepare for the beginning of the new school year.

Warehouse Population

The Student Data Warehouse contains data only for students who have registration activity in a term/semester that is populated. For a list of populated terms, query the Terms Available object in the All Terms models. The exception to this is that students with no registration activity who have applied for degrees at the U of O are included in the Person and Degree objects in the warehouse.

University of Oregon course schedules are also available in the data warehouse. Schedule information is loaded for all populated terms. For a list of populated terms, query the Terms Available object in the All Terms models.