University of Oregon

Conference Calls

Audio Conference Calling:

University telephones are capable of hosting small audio conferences:

- Analog telephones: can host up to two additional endpoints, for a total of three in a conference

- Digital or IP telephones: can host up to 5 additional endpoints for a total of six in a conference


For larger audio conferences, Network and Telecommunications Services (NTS) can schedule your use of our AT&T conference bridge lines. These can host up to 50 endpoints in a conference call. There is a $15 setup fee per conference, plus the cost/minute/call for your colleagues to use the AT&T toll-free dial-in number to the conference. 

NTS also rents analog conference phones at $5/day. These are high quality conference speakerphones and will work on an existing analog (not digital or IP) dialtone. Analog conference phones are also available from the Knight Library Media Center.


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