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Display Color Calibration


With Mac OS X 10.6, Apple changed the default color profile for some external displays. You can read more about this change in Apple's Knowledge Base.

These instructions may be useful in calibrating the brightness and color of a display or projector. You may have to calibrate each projector or computer individually, as brightness and color vary greatly between devices.

Crestron Touchscreen settings

Note that some rooms may have multiple projectors.

  1. Press the Projector button
  2. Press the Display Settings button
  3. Press "press for picture mode" until you reach "Standard".


  1. Connect the projector to the computer.
  2. Go to Apple > System Preferences > Displays
  3. Two windows should appear, stacked one on top of the other:
    • Color LCD: This is the laptop's display.
    • VGA Display: This is the projector.
  4. Make sure the VGA Display window is in the foreground.
  5. Click on the Color tab.
  6. Click the Calibrate button.
  7. Check the box for Expert mode.
  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to adjust the brightness for each of the five levels.
    • The goal is for the Apple logo to be indistinct against the background for each level. Squinting may make this easier.
  9. Adjust the Gamma to your preference. The default is 2.2, but you may find 1.8 or lower to be more natural.
  10. Generally, the Native White Point is accurate, but you can adjust this to your preference as well.
  11. Follow the remainder of the on-screen prompts until finished.

Windows 7

Note: These instructions will vary from computer to computer. A&AA Computing can only provide instructions for Windows 7 running on a 13" Mac Book Pro at this time.
  1. Connect the projector to the computer.
  2. Go to the Windows button.
  3. Choose Control Panel > Nvidia Control Panel
  4. In the left window pane, choose "Adjust desktop color settings"
  5. Select NVIDIA LCD VGA
  6. Choose "Use NVIDIA settings
  7. Adjust the settings to your preference. Note that you can adjust Red/Green/Blue individually from the drop down menu labeled "All channels".
  8. Click Apply when finished.