University of Oregon

Recycling, Surplus and Disposal

When disposing of equipment purchased with university funds, the University of Oregon must follow Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 580-040-0300 when disposing of surplus property. UO Surplus property is defined as all university property, including lost, mislaid or abandoned property, vehicles and titled equipment that is worn-out, obsolete or excess to the institution's needs, or otherwise unsuitable for intended use. UO departments are not authorized to sell or give away UO surplus property. Property purchased with funds that flow through the university (with the exception of agency funds) that is donated to the university is considered UO property.

Electronic Surplus/Disposal Information



  • If a piece of electronic equipment is no longer needed by your department but is still in good working condition, then other departments at UO may need it. All working surplus property, e-waste and...
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