University of Oregon

IT Snapshot: How Students Use Mobile Devices


This article is the fourth in the weekly series, IT Snapshots. New articles are published every Friday. Currently, IT Snapshots is exploring how UO students use technology.

In last week's IT Snapshots, we saw that nearly 60 percent of UO students use the library web site at least once a week and 35 percent of student use spreadsheet software at least once a week, according to the 2010 survey.

This week we examine how students use mobile devices. In IT Snapshot: What Students Own, we saw that 62.2 percent of UO students reported owning an internet-capable mobile device. Today's chart reveals that a vast majority of students use their mobile devices for information, such as news, sports and weather; maps for direction-finding; e-mail, and social networking sites. 

Chart of student mobile use

In 2009, the University of Oregon began participating in the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. Today's data were gathered in the 2010 Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology.