University of Oregon

IT Snapshot: Students' Skill Level


This article is the fifth in the weekly series, IT Snapshots. New articles are published every Friday. Currently, IT Snapshots is exploring how UO students use technology.

Because of the holiday break, the next IT Snapshot will be published on Friday, January 8.

In last week's IT Snapshot, we examined how students use mobile devices like cell phones.

This week we see how students self-identify their skill level at using the library's website, spreadsheets, presentation software like PowerPoint, graphics software and computer maintenance. (Word processing software was not a subject covered by the survey.)

Not surprisingly, most students claimed a fair amount of skill in using the library's website, spreadsheets and presentation software. That pattern changes with graphic software and computer maintenance, where 52 percent and 38 percent of students claim little or no skill with those respective tasks.


Chart of students' skill level

In 2009, the University of Oregon began participating in the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. Today's data were gathered in the 2010 Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. For a complete set of ECAR charts, see IT Snapshot of UO Student Technology Use.