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Product Information

Productivity. It’s a mission-critical component for any industry that creates, consumes, or manages design information.

Coordinating Sets of Drawings
Organizations using AutoCAD software may have hundreds or even thousands of drawing files for a specific project. During the course of a project, team members can spend a significant amount of time collating sheet sets, renumbering sheets, and updating sheet index information.

With the new Sheet Set Manager, you can efficiently create, manage, and share entire sets of related drawings from a single location.

Drawing and Creating Tables
Tabular data such as lists, schedules, and legends is a fundamental part of many sheet sets. Manually creating or updating table data using basic AutoCAD objects such as lines and text requires many steps and is often time-consuming.

With AutoCAD, you can instantly generate data tables with a single command and then easily modify table content as in standard word-processing software.

Annotating Drawings
Text-based information, such as page numbers and title block data, is repeated throughout an entire drawing set. Tracking changes and making updates to this text can be a tedious and error-prone process.

The new Field command simplifies the task of creating, placing, and editing text throughout your drawings and sheet sets. Updates are made automatically, saving you time, and ensuring the accuracy of your data.

Obtaining Software

Students and Faculty can download free copies (for one year) of Autodesk's latest 3D design products for their personal use at Autodesk's new Student/Faculty Design Website. Curriculum and learning tools for each of these products are also now available on this site. Visit and download your free one year copy. For directions, see AutoCAD for Students.

Faculty and students can also access the software in the Klamath, McKenzie and A&ÅA computing labs.

Licensing and Restrictions

  • The U of O has a 125 user license that is shared between the following departments:
    • Architecture and Allied Arts
    • U of O Libraries
    • Facility Services.
  • AutoCAD software is not available for distribution to departments outside the group listed above.


Software Available for Download