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Product Information

Code42's CrashPlan is an unlimited, online data protection and backup service. It includes Active Directory authentication that enables users to use their Duck ID to manage their backup settings for up to 4 devices. CrashPlan determines which files on your computer need to be backed up, compresses those files, encrypts them, and delivers the backed-up files in an encrypted state to a cloud server hosted by Code42 and monitored by Information Services. Individual departments purchase a set number of licenses and can monitor and manage usage easily via the CrashPlan PROe console.
CrashPlan can be used on Windows and Macintosh desktops and laptops. iOS and Android devices are not supported at this time.
With CrashPlan, you can rest assured that your data is securely backed-up and is easily accessible no matter what happens to your device.
The UO CrashPlan license includes the following products:

  • CrashPlan PROe

If you have questions about CrashPlan licenses, please visit and select the Software & Apps service.

Obtaining Software

IMPORTANT NOTE: CrashPlan has been renewed through June 30th, 2017 and we have expanded the licensing to accommodate increased usage.

NOTE: CrashPlan is renewed on June 30th.  
Faculty/Staff/GTF Use
CrashPlan software renews annually in June. Only IT Directors/Administrators, primary or acting, with appropriate credentials are authorized to request CrashPlan services for a larger pool of users. This allows individual departments to maintain use of their own licenses and distribute them as they see fit. Some faculty, staff, GTFs, and other singular individuals are not authorized to request licenses for CrashPlan, but may be able to utilize the software once licenses have been purchased by an appropriate requester. It is the responsibility of each department requester to effectively communicate software needs and usage with faculty, staff, and GTFs.
CrashPlan can be obtained by completing and submitting the following intake form:


Crash Plan Intake Form
Once the intake form is completely filled-out, it will be carefully reviewed by the Site License Coordinator and/or Information Services Technology Service Desk technician whom will then determine if access should be granted and will process the request usually the same day. Note: at times, the pool of available licenses can be limited and turnaround for access may be delayed.
Student Use

Important: CrashPlan is now discounted 25% for a 1-yr subscription and up to 30% for a 2 to 4-yr subscription for students!

Students are not authorized to utilize the CrashPlan intake form or university-owned CrashPlan licenses under the current agreement; however, students can go directly the the CrashPlan website and purchase individual licenses at a discounted rate. There are currently 1, 2, and 4 year plans under Individual and Family options. Click on the following link to receive your discounted copy of CrashPlan: crashplan/uoregon

  • Once there, select the annual plan that works for you and enter your university email to receive up to 30% off at checkout!

Note: As CrashPlan gains a larger pool of users on campus, students may be able to purchase licenses via the intake form, above, in the future.
If you'd prefer to speak with an Technology Service Desk technician in person, visit the Technology Service Desk.

Licensing and Restrictions

  • CrashPlan is available for U of O faculty, staff and GTF use on up to 4 devices including computers purchased by the University of Oregon, personal desktops, and personal laptops. Although Android/IOS mobile devices are not able to be backed-up at this time, there is a CrashPlan Mobile App for viewing, downloading, and sharing your backed-up files.  Faculty, Staff, and GTFs will not be able to acquire this software unless they have been given access by their department requester, director, or administrator whom has already purchased a pool of licenses.
  • CrashPlan may be used for back-up purposes on most devices by any individual whom is granted access by their department.

Software Available for Download

No files are available for download. Please see the section on Obtaining Software above.