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The university has discontinued the UO Docs service as of August 1, 2016.

See our recommendations for alternative secure file-sharing and collaboration tools at If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk. 

Product Information

What is UO Docs?

UO Docs, aka “”, is the University of Oregon’s collaboration and secure file-sharing software powered by Xythos Software, Inc.   

Why would I need UO Docs?

Researchers may use this for collaborative grant writing, editing articles, or storing and sharing sensitive documents and data. Faculty and staff might use UO Docs for committee work, sharing departmental documents with colleagues at the UO and beyond, or co-authoring departmental policies. Search committees could share and review candidate application packets.

Keep Your Data Protected

While faculty, staff and researchers may use other cloud-based storage solutions, UO Docs is the right choice for secure sharing of and collaboration on protected and sensitive information. For more information, see UO Docs Features at a Glance.

Licensing and Restrictions

UO Docs licensing is limited and restricted to University of Oregon faculty and staff who require the ability to securely share data and are primarily involved with research initiatives. Each user that is granted access will have a file storage quota of 10 Gigabytes.   

Obtaining A License

If you meet the above criteria in the Licensing and Restrictions section and would like to request an account, please contact the Computing Accounts Administrator by emailing  

UO Docs is a web based application and does not require installation. Once your account has been granted access, navigate to a web browser and log in with your Duck ID credentials.

NOTE: If your UO affiliation changes, you will need to re-request a UO Docs account. Each term, a clean-up utility is run to remove accounts that no longer have UO Docs access. This will also remove any data associated with the UO Docs account.


For those who require training, please submit your request to the Technology Service Desk by emailing or calling 541-346-4357. We will do our best to meet your training needs.  

For those who already have an account, a QuickStart Guide can be found here.  

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